Dan & Adam Ltd is an integrated alternative energies firm. We supply project management, management consultancy, strategic consultancy and innovative research services. Dan & Adam is dedicated to its vision of energising change. This vision involves enhancing and driving the energy sector for the betterment of all. We aim to change the energy sector through our integrated approaches to renewable energies.

Dan & Adam delivers its objectives through the 3’i’s – innovation, integration and integrity;

  • We empower our clients with authentic leadership through innovation

  • We offer integrated services essential to a sustainable society

  • We value integrity; and aim to make a real difference to people’s lives and the world we live in through innovation.

Dan & Adam has proven leadership in key technologies and services. We cover a broad range of sectors. We have extensive vertical and integrated experience in Energy, Telecommunications & IT, Finance and Real Estate, to offer solutions that deliver the highest performance. Dan & Adam covers the entire value chain of primary and support activities within our sectors and for the complete life cycle of projects.

We adopt strategies that are integrated and coherent to maximise the potency of renewable energies and our other sectors in a sustainable manner. Hence, our specialisation in the fields of smart cities and end-to-end smart grids.

We also collaborate with industry leading partners to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, to realise full potential and have global reach. We currently have operations in the UK, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, South America and the Far East.