Smart Grids

End to End Smart grid solutions from power generation through to smart meters

Our concept of smart grids includes power generation, transmission and distribution networks through to smart meters within an intelligent architecture that is managed smartly. Dan & Adam can provide smart grid solutions for sustainable energy solutions at a national, regional and micro-grid level. Dan & Adam’s expertise in our sectors makes us the partner of choice for smart grids.

All the components in an intelligent grid would be in continuous communication with each other. The ever-increasing impact of renewable energies within the grid and how the ensuing peaks and troughs require to be offset needs a smart grid. Load-management and energy storage integration could balance supply and demand management. The lack of fault-finding, control and management solutions are prevalent within currently ageing infrastructure and electrical networks. An intelligent grid would allow rapid diagnosis, faster and more accurate responses. This smart grid would also enable real-time pricing usage enabling customers to make decisions form both cost and efficiency perspectives.

Dan & Adam seeks to provide the backbone infrastructure also for the ensuing information and data management tools for a smart grid. Our engineers have considerable large-scale international network and product experience. We are actively engaged on providing decision-making support tools.

Smart grids are changing the way the world views energy. The corresponding technology platforms deliver sustainable, economic and secure electricity supplies efficiently by integrating generators and consumers. Investing in smart grids means choosing reliable and efficiently operated communication networks and services for remote monitoring and control. The relevant support activities from training to maintenance are contained within our services.

Dan & Adam vision of smart grids provides end to end solutions from the utility to the end premise managed with an integrated network management solution. From an intelligent network overlay, we can cater for your needs as a utility to a domestic consumer that ranges from smart grids to smart meters within a smart architecture that is monitored, controlled and managed smartly. We can also advise on best practices for the ensuing behavioural aspects.

Dan & Adam can provide technologies for smart grids for water management in conjunction with our partners also. These solutions enable our offering for sustainable smart cities.