Real Estate

Conceptualisation,  realisation and management.

Dan & Adam has extensive international experience in sustainable, green and environmentally-friendly developments – particularly the latest in the Middle East. Our Real Estate Division creates, develops and manages large-scale real estate projects and investments. Dan & Adam colleagues, with their numerous years of experience of doing business in the Middle East have unique product and sector knowledge of the latest sustainable industrial developments. This knowledge alllows us to engineer and construct smart cities.

Energy security, water security and self-sufficiency are ideals that most countries aspire to but are not in a psotion to achieve. Dan & Adam can help towards achieving these aspirations through well-designed urban-planning and economic planning solutions.

We also deploy the latest technologies for our Real Estate projects as well as materials depending on requirements.  Our colleagues also have extensive intenrational experience in eco-housing. Dan & Adam can also design off-grid and mini-grid solutions for community developments.

Dan & Adam conceptualise and realise value-added, master-planned developments to meet a full spectrum of lifestyle needs. Dan & Adam are extending its expertise in creating master-planned developments to other international markets. We specialise in maximising the value proposition of any project, both large and small.

  • Unique design proposals
  • Large scale developments
  • Property and estate management
  • Investment opportunities