Smart Cities

Sustainable, integrated essential needs and infrastructures for societies

Smart Cities are an incredible demanding challenge requiring multidisciplinary approaches geared to every location. Dan & Adam’s vertical and integrated expertise in the energy, ICT, real estate and finance sectors makes us the ideal partner of choice for sustainable smart cities.

Dan & Adam seeks to deliver integrated energy, water, waste, transport and food security solutions for cities. The aims of which are to provided sustainable long-term services addressing security of supply for essential needs as well as minimising CO2 emissions and increasing energy efficiency.

Dan & Adam has the expertise to make policy recommendations, advise on climate change issues and address environmental concerns for the relevant stakeholders. Community based energy provision incorporates for example waste technologies, district heating & cooling and geothermal needs are certain solutions that require innovative integrated approaches that meet the objectives of reducing emissions and increasing energy efficiency.

Our GIS based approach includes input from a diverse range of stakeholders. This process overlays energy policy, spatial energy density, renewable energy potential, transport, sustainable energy supply & procurement and spatial planning. This could incorporate for example, geothermal feeds, district heating, cooling systems. The maps identify existing capacity, de-centralised fuel sources and identify potential for renewables and low carbon technologies. This mapping activity enables the creation of a decision making tool that is continuously updated as development takes place.

Scenario modelling is an essential part of this work setting out the different ways in which renewable energy and low carbon targets can be met. Cost benefit analysis can also be undertaken in order to determine the preferred strategy for renewable energy developments. This will provide certainty to developers and other stakeholders on the realistic costs that are likely to be incurred as part of the development.