Telecommunications & Information Communications Technology

Corporate, national, global strategy services and solutions

Dan & Adam’s ICT colleagues have created world renowned products, services and solutions within the ICT sectors. We have experience and developed next generation wireline and wireless technologies and applications. Extensive experience, expertise and an end-to-end approach make Dan & Adam the ideal partner for completing complex technical programmes.

We consider the impact of alternative renewable energies within the Telecoms and IT sectors as well as how these sectors can complement each other. Hence, Dan & Adam is ideally placed to provide sustainable solutions for smart grids and smart cities also.

Information Communication Technology permeates through all spheres of activity. Understanding, developing and effectively deploying the associated broad scope of services and solutions requires intelligent, integrated and innovative mindsets.

Dan & Adam’s Integrated Communications Technology division has proven experience in a wide multitude of devices, products, processes, technologies and services unparalleled to many within these industries. Our colleagues have also resided on many international standards bodies.

Dan & Adam also provide business case preparation, business modeling, strategy, design, systems integration, solutions review, tender preparation and reviews.

Dan & Adam network services activities comprises of a broad range of support services to telecommunications operators and other providers of communication networks. These include consulting, strategic reviews for example of network evolution for next generation networks.

Dan & Adam network equipment designs and supplies communications systems that transmit and switch voice, data and video traffic in public and private networks. Network equipment products include radio technologies, mobile systems, optical networking systems, broadband and narrowband switches, routers and aggregation devices, wireless transmission systems, access systems and software management systems. We also have data management services including data centre services and applications.

Dan & Adam’s technology portfolio targets certain large corporations, government departments and agencies, utilities and educational institutions for their private networks also.

Our Telecommunications and Information Technology expertise is highlighted below. This is not an exclusive list of our capabilities.

Special projects

  • Bespoke customer projects

  • Command and control centres

  • E-commerce solutions

  • Call centres

Services solutions

  • Broad scale service offerings and propositions

  • Plan, Build, Construct (EPC)

  • Operations And Maintenance solutions

Network solutions

  • Network Design

  • Network strategy and development

  • Network management solutions

  • Data communications networks

Product solutions

  • Bespoke product design, testing and validation

Applications development

  • Customised solutions