Innovatively customised strategy and solutions

Dan & Adam provide global investment and financing solutions with a focus on ethical and alternative sectors. We focus on specialist ethical project financing for the renewable energies sector.

Dan & Adam’s colleagues have initiated globally renowned and acclaimed Investment funds for innovative asset classes.

Dan & Adam identify global investment opportunities through direct private equity, private equity funds and co-investments, listed equities and strategic investments. We facilitate capital raising on global stock markets, private equity, asset management and direct investment. We assist on Mergers & Acquisitions,  Initial Public Offerings and help to obtain structured corporate finance.

  • Alternative Finance Solutions
  • Ethical Investments
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Islamic Finance solutions
  • Private Equity
  • Business Incubation
  • Technical Solutions
  • E-commerce solutions

We encourage socially responsible investment projects in alignment with our clean renewable energy propositions. Business Incubation support is provided to unique value propositions through a complete range of services, from feasibility studies and business planning to company incorporation, facilities, sales and marketing. We are also able to project manage and provide innovative technical solutions for a range of financial products, systems and processes. In conjunction with industry renowned partners, we are able to provide a broad range of innovative and advanced services.