Renewable Energies

End-to-end Industrial to utility scale strategy and solutions

Dan & Adam seek to maximise the full potential of alternative and renewable energy solutions for consumers, businesses and society. From design to deployment, Dan & Adam will manage your requirements.

Renewable energy is a key issue for all societies and markets. Meeting increasing energy demands is a critical need across the globe. The rapid development in renewable energy technology has made it a proven alternative to conventional energy systems in recent years.

Dan & Adam operate within this rapidly growing market sector to provide state-of-the-art complete solutions with the aim of a clean, sustainable and affordable supply of power for all communities. We have services covering the Primary and Support activities of the value chain within the renewable energies sector. We consider the entire network and grid within our approach.

We undertake design and assessment of materials and introduce new fabrications. We then analyse and design solutions. Where necessary, we select products from a broad range of providers and manufacture in conjunction with partners. We plan and design renewable energy farms for a variety of technologies having undertaken the necessary assessments.

We then consider and provide the necessary connections to and from the grid network through smart grid mechanisms. We provide strategic sustainable solutions towards cities. Urban populations call upon a more comprehensive set of needs that Dan & Adam is capable of providing.

We also incorporate the deployment of renewable energies technologies within our other principal sectors. We cover the range of requirements for services in materials, products, energy farms and grid technologies. Our approaches are driven by the need for clean, green, sustainable, environmental concerns. We also consider energy and carbon trading practices.

We have expertise In energy conversion mechanisms for a broad range and scale of solutions. Our services cover the full value chain for renewables and the following alternative energies solutions.

  • Solar
  • Photovoltaic silicon
  • Thin-film technologies
  • CSP - Concentrated Solar Power
  • Wind
  • On-shore
  • Off-shore
  • Marine
  • Wave
  • Tidal
  • Hydroelectric
  • Biomass
  • Carbon Capture
  • Carbon Storage
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Waste
  • Geothermal